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Easy social media planning and publishing

  • Connect your social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Create one post and adjust it for each platform.
  • Preview what it will look like on web and mobile.
  • Social Media Planning in one place: publish your post now, schedule it to be published automatically later or save it as a draft.
Example of a social media post, that can be customized and published to all platforms in Levuro

Customize your media for each platform

  • Create great visual content.
  • Edit your media/video: resize, crop, add text, rotate, overlay...
  • Get social media image ratio right.
Example of a social media post with a woman holding a handbag, to display how cropping works in Levuro.

Instagram specials

  • Publish and plan in advance Instagram stories.
  • Schedule Instagram carousel posts in the free plan
  • Check how your Instagram grid looks like.
Social Media Planning - Instagram preview mobile and desktop, Instagram grid preview, feed preview, story publishing and much more

A collection of tools to help you create better posts

Instagram grid preview supports you in your social media planning

Instagram grid preview

Schedule Instagram carousel posts

Schedule Instagram carousel posts

Schedule posts including mentions

Add mentions


Create campaigns


Customize link preview

ocial media planning: Switch between Calendar View and Feed View

Calendar view and feed view


Auto save of your work


Assign labels to your posts

Calendar view

  • Switch between calendar and feed view.
  • Overview of your scheduled and drafted posts per week or month.
  • Organize your publications easily with drag and drop.
  • Keep track and group your posts into campaigns or assign labels.
Social media planning with calendar view or feed view in Levuro

Work as a team

  • Add your team in just a few clicks.
  • Manage their permissions: draft only, publishing or admin.
  • Plan together and speed up your social media planning.
Example of a social media post and the team using Levuro

Analyze your posts and export data

  • Export your analytics data to create social media reports.
  • Analyze how your posts performed.
  • Improve your social media strategy.
Social media post with analitycs

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