Increase your performances with an efficient social media management tool

Levuro brings structure and automation to your social media management. Even the free version has enough powerful features to get you started. Get to know the individual features of Levuro that lead your social media strategy to success.

Schedule your first post

Easy social media planning and publishing

Create posts and schedule them on different channels – all in one tool.

  • Connect your favorite platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Create one post and adjust it for each platform.
  • Preview how it will look on desktop and mobile.
  • Social Media Planning in one place: publish your post now, schedule for later or save it as a draft.
Example of a social media post, that can be customized and published to all platforms in Levuro

Optimize your media for each platform

Edit media content directly in Levuro and adapt it to the respective channels.
This organizes your data management and saves time.

  • Create great visual content.
  • Edit your media/video: resize, crop, add text, rotate, overlay...
  • Crop your images and videos for each social media platform individually.
  • Get social media image aspect ratios right for each platform.
Example of a social media post with a woman holding a handbag, to display how cropping works in Levuro.

The most comprehensive free social media tool for Instagram

Levuro, even in its free version, offers some amazing features:

  • Publish and plan Instagram posts and reels in advance.
  • View the post metrics directly in the tool.
  • Schedule Instagram carousel posts and reels in the free plan.
  • Check your planned posts in the Instagram Grid Preview.
  • Schedule Stories.
  • Mention other users.
The most comprehensive free social media tool for Instagram

A collection of tools to help you create better posts

Instagram grid preview supports you in your social media planning

Instagram grid preview

Schedule Instagram carousel posts

Schedule Instagram carousel posts and reels

Schedule posts including mentions

Add mentions


Create campaigns


Customize link preview

ocial media planning: Switch between Calendar View and Feed View

Calendar view and feed view


Auto save of your work


Assign labels to your posts

Clearly organized calendar and feed view

Our calendar and feed views give you and your team the perfect overview of all upcoming publications at any time.

  • Your perfect tool for social media planning: Switch between calendar and feed view.
  • Get a weekly or monthly overview of your scheduled and draft posts.
  • Organize your publications easily with drag & drop.
  • Group your posts into campaigns or add labels.
Social media planning with calendar view or feed view in Levuro

Team collaboration with unlimited users

Successful teamwork is crucial to social media success. Levuro supports you here as well – easily add and collaborate with multiple team members.

  • Invite your team members to your workspace.
  • Add as many team members as you like at any time.
  • Manage permissions: draft only, publish, or admin.
  • Plan and speed up the process with your team.
Team collaboration with unlimited users

Analyze your posts and export the data

A successful social media presence is only possible with regular analysis.

  • Export your analytics data to create social media reports.
  • Analyze how your posts performed.
  • Improve your social media strategy.
Analyze your posts and export the data

More from Levuro

Illustration of a social media manager wondering when is the best time to post on social media, scheduling her next post with laptop and social media management tool Levuro.

What’s the best time to post on social media?

The right timing of posting is everything when it comes to social media! If your schedule is not in sync with the activities of your target group, you miss them. To find the perfect posting rhythm, you don't need a dance class or a John Travolta suit – a few simple and well-planned steps are enough to make sure your posts reach your audience in a timely manner.

Illustration of a social media content plan and editorial plan from social media management tool provider Levuro.

What Constitutes A Successful Social Media Content And Editorial Plan

Good planning is half the battle! This is also true for social media. All you need is a solid content and editorial plan for your social media channels. Whether you're working alone or as part of a team, a content plan provides clarity, saves hassle and brings efficiency to the workflow.

Schedule Instagram Carousel Post Automatically

How to Schedule Instagram Carousel Post Automatically

Instagram carousel posts are a great way to share multiple photos or multiple videos in one post, and Levuro lets you easily schedule them in advance. Levuro has released a new feature that allows you to schedule posts with up to 10 images or videos! Previously, it was only possible to publish these types of posts manually. Now, you can simply schedule your carousel posts and they will be automatically published!

Frequently asked questions

Social media management as a subarea of online PR primarily describes how companies shape the internal and external dialog with their employees and target groups on social media. In addition to acquiring new customers, the focus is on developing and maintaining relationships with existing customers.

The correct management of social media content is an important contributing factor to the success of a company today, as the use of these channels has become commonplace for many people. If executed correctly, it enables profitable interaction with the customer, which can be used to advance product development in an up-close and customer-oriented manner and to identify trends at an early stage.

Good social media management is also a tool for success because it enables the relevant target groups to be addressed through mediums they prefer – for example via smartphone. Younger target groups in particular are nowadays almost impossible to address via classic media such as print or radio/TV.

A good management tool for social media makes it possible to implement the tasks at hand through structured processes and automations, saving time and resources. Moreover, a social media tool creates an overview and order in planning and defines the time windows of the publications.

The time saved in this way can be put to excellent use for the creative part, specifically the creation of quality content. Social media management software also simplifies the process flow by allowing content to be optimized directly in the app for each platform and for each channel in a simple and time-saving manner. A calendar overview is a must have in any serious social media management app, as it ensures a constant overview of all scheduled content. Free social media management tools such as Levuro also support team-work: With little effort, additional team members can be integrated and the corresponding authorizations granted. A good social media tool should also offer a scheduling function for posts on all the mainstream social media channels. The ability to create and export analytics data is also a must-have.

Levuro’s clear design and lean dimensions make it the ideal social media management tool for small and medium-sized businesses, opening up new horizons and enabling a workflow that creates new resources instead of consuming them.

A social media manager coordinates and organizes a company’s presence on social media and is responsible for the company’s reputation in the eyes of its target groups. A key area of responsibility here is strategic planning. Here it is important to carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of using each social media channel and determine how best to create easily consumable content for the target audience.

The social media manager should also be able to recognize emerging trends and changes at an early stage and adapt and implement them quickly.

Even though courses of study for social media management are now offered, the profession is still ideally suited to career changers, as there is still a great demand in this area of work.

Ideally, one should already have a passion for social media, which should be paired with sound technical knowledge in the areas of marketing and current Internet technologies. Visual thinking, creative flair and a desire to spot and implement trends are other positive traits that can boost a career in the world of social media management.

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