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Hockey Video to show the AI generated tags, like goals and goal attempts.
Icon to represent the integration of sports data providers like Opta and Sportradar.

Seamless integration with Sportdata provider like Opta and Sportradar.

Icon with target to represent that the AI can be customized to fit everyone's needs.

Adapt the powerful AI technology to fit your needs.

Icon with a magnifying glass to represent the precise detection of events.

Automatic and precise detection of events, find the content you need at a glance.

Icon to display Real Time Publishing to Social Media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Real time publishing on social media while livestreaming.

Powerful AI Video Tagging

AI will automatically detect the peaks of your livestream recording. In sports games for example goals and fouls will be tagged, but also striking scenes of a certain athlete will be recognized. This results in a continuously updating list of tags that you can modify according to your needs. Instantly publish these key moments on social media or share them to your preferred destination while you are streaming.

You can also create highlights with the scenes you love. Add your brand kit like logo, opener, closer, and transitions.

Share the scenes or clips on social media, asset libraries, or directly with your partners.

Adapt the AI technology to your needs:

  • Automated recognition inside the video: playtime, score (OCR), logo, or object recognition.
  • Automated processing of Third Party data like sports tickers.
  • Precise scene detections and video tagging with AI algorithm.

In addition to AI tagging, we also offer:

  • Re-streaming: an easy way to multistream from Levuro to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more at the same time.
  • Livestream recording and highlight suggestions.
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Ai tagging


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