Simplified video and image cropping for Social Media

Levuro makes video and image cropping a piece of cake. You can resize an image or crop videos right in the app, thus making sure your audience receives the content in the best possible format.

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Stay in control of all your image and video sizes – thanks to Levuro

When uploading content to social media, you also have to keep in mind the maximum file size allowed on each platform. Just like keeping track of image sizes and formats for each platform, this too can be a daunting task.

With Levuro, however, you’ll be forgiven for not even knowing this limit existed. That’s because it automatically reduces the file size of your content as per the requirements of each social media platform. As easy as 1,2,3.... or maybe even easier?

There may even be other conditions that you have to fulfill before uploading your content. But Levuro always displays any such requirements in the form of a hint. Staying true to the Levuro promise to help you focus on the creative part, instead of getting bogged down by technicalities.

Stay in control of all your image and video sizes – thanks to Levuro

Crop videos as per each social media channel’s requirement

Levuro makes it possible for you to edit the videos exactly in the same location where you'll publish them. So no more using multiple apps to get the job done! Levuro means video editing simplified: You not only save time but also create high quality content, exactly what your community expects from you.

Crop videos as per each social media channel’s requirement

Levuro’s media library – store your ideas and never lose any data

You don’t need a separate hard drive or system to store your video content anymore. Levuro’s library allows you to keep your media on the platform, and retrieve it whenever you want to use it, on any device.

This helps you think freely and generate ideas, storing them in the media library on the go and using them whenever you see fit. Archiving freshly made content is easy. Retrieving it from any device is both quick and simple.

Levuro’s media library – store your ideas and never lose any data

Frequently asked questions

  • Video and image cropping is a skill you need to have a firm grip on. The reason is pretty simple: it presents your content to the audience in the best possible format, making it easy to consume.
  • Social media is a highly competitive space. If there is an advantage to be at, people will take it. Not optimizing your content before publishing is likely to reduce your reach, making it hard to get your message across.
  • When adjusting your content formats to each platform, make sure you’ve done your homework and know the recommended image sizes for that platform.
  • Image cropping is a useful tool for shifting the focus of an image on an object of your choice, or even strengthening the focus by removing unnecessary and distracting parts of an image.
  • Crop videos in a way that the key message of your content is delivered right at the start. Levuro is one of the best editing software for videos as it helps you make video editing simplified – so you can really focus on the storyline!
  • Do keep an eye on the length of the clip that each platform allows. Shorter videos often have the best impact on social media.
  • Having an optimized video preview image is essential. This is what helps your audience decide whether they want to play the video or not. Use Levuro’s built-in features to publish your videos with the best possible thumbnail.

The Levuro Live Studio Package allows you to comfortably crop photos or videos online. On top of that, it even gives you the option to select, as well as optimize, the video preview image for each social media platform. These features help even beginners to post on social media like a pro!

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The most efficient way to do this is to find a single platform that not only allows you to crop videos as per the requirements of each social media channel, but also gives you an interface to publish them directly to that channel without ever having to leave or switch between apps.

Create a workflow that helps you develop a routine where you edit content with ease and then share the finished product with your community then and there.

Never ignore or underestimate the specific size and format requirements of each platform. They are defined that way for optimal performance, so always adhere to them for best results.

Image cropping refers to removing certain outer parts of an image. There are two main reasons why this is usually done. One, a user may want the image to have a certain aspect ratio, such as 1:1 or 4:3. Two, cropping also helps remove unnecessary parts of an image, to shift focus to the main object or theme of the picture.
Both the above reasons are also instrumental in improving the performance of content on social media channels, which is why effective media crop habits are an important part of any social media manager’s workflow.

Similar to image cropping, strategies to crop video are mainly a bi-product of people trying to adhere to social media posting standards and requirements. This includes, for instance, converting a video in the 16:9 aspect ratio to one with an aspect ratio of 4:3. This can sometimes be more complicated than simple image cropping and therefore requires extra care.

We recommend you use Levuro – the best editing software for videos that go on social media. There is no need to know the size requirements of the social media channel you’re about to post on. The video editor will guide and help you crop the video to the required format. A video editing software like Levuro really simplifies this task. This improves your workflow and helps you stay focused on quality of content, rather than its technicalities.