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Easily create attractive media content for your community with Levuro. Edit your images and videos online and optimize them for all your social media channels. Levuro lets your creativity run wild!

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Adapt images and videos to each social media platform individually

Get the most out of your image & video content for social media – with Levuro! Whether you want to edit images, photos or videos, Levuro’s features make it the perfect image and video editing software for social media.

  • Create stunning visual content for you community.
  • Edit your images and videos directly in the web app, including formatting, rotating, adding text, etc.
  • Conveniently crop you images and videos to the optimal media format of any social media platform.
Image and video cropping: Crop your photos and crop videos optimized for each social media platform

Let your creativity run wild

Levuro puts no limits on your image editing ingenuity – live out your creativity!

  • Create stunning visual content.
  • Apply filters over images or edit background.
  • Divide, rotate, transform or enlarge them.
  • Choose a frame, round the corners or select a custom shape.
  • Use overlays, text, stickers or draw freely.
Let your creativity run wild

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Add your unique branding to videos

How do you create memorable video content for social media? With creativity and consistency. Levuro allows you to save your brand elements as a preset for quicker access.

  • Work with our Brand Kit: Create uniform and branding compliant opening and ending credits, which you can add to all your videos.
  • Extend your brandkit with visual elements like transitions and overlays.
  • Publish videos directly to social media or share them through your CMS or media library.
Add your unique branding to videos

Access and share your content with partners at any time

The social video and image editor in Levuro offers editing and media access directly in the browser. How convenient is that?

  • Manage all your content in our web-based app in the media library – and access it from anywhere at any time.
  • Share your outstanding edited videos and images with partners, influencers, brand ambassadors and sponsors directly from the app.
  • Save your server resources as there is no need to store your media outside from Levuro.

Easily edit content during publication

Use the preview feature that Levuro offers for all platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Crop image and video: Edit your images and videos directly while publishing.
  • Select your video’s thumbnail to optimize your reach.
  • Preview how your media content will look on desktop and mobile devices.
Easily edit content during publication

Editing social videos is now easier than ever

With the social video editor in Levuro, you can easily create high quality video content for all social media channels without any prior knowledge.

  • Adapt the format to the specifications of the various social media platforms: 9:16 portrait for Instagram and Facebook, landscape for YouTube and Twitter.
  • Add or remove a scene or add an overlay.
  • Post your videos directly to social media and/or share them using your CMS or media library.
Editing social videos is now easier than ever

Cut key scenes and create captivating clips – all while your live stream is happening!

You don’t have to wait until your social media live stream is over: Extract highlights, create cool clips and publish them – including your unique branding – everything still during the live stream (or after, if you like).

  • Plan your live stream footage in advance or create it on the go.
  • Create cool live clips with the intuitive live stream video editor and adjust their format to each social media platform.
  • Add your brandkit: opening and closing credits, transitions and overlays.
Cut key scenes and create captivating clips – all while your livestream is happening!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – your friend and helper

Create exciting videos, for example a summary or the best moments, from your multiple live stream clips – but save the time to do all the work by yourself, manually. Instead, use our AI-powered automatic detection of key scenes to create a video:

  • Let the AI find and tag the best moments for you automatically.
  • You can search through the AI-detected scenes by using filters (for example “all goals by player X”).
  • Choose and combine the final scenes, review the final result and make the necessary adjustments before sharing the video on your social media channels.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) – your friend and helper

Frequently asked questions

The effort required for image or video editing depends heavily on the quality of the images. Stock photo and external service providers offer high-quality material that require little or no post-processing. Nevertheless, it is always better to publish your own photos or videos since they are unique. This automatically gives your posts more individuality and authenticity. It is also important to choose the right motif and color. Work with contrasts and use them to create tension.

For quick and effective editing, the use of filters with corresponding presets are a good choice. This will give your images the desired atmosphere. The consistent focus on a few selected filters promotes a uniform appearance of your posts. Social media tools such as Levuro also help you to adhere to the image format specifications.

To get started, decide which platforms you want to publish the video on. It is important to decide this early on. While platforms like Facebook allow you to upload videos of any time length, others may even restrict you to under a minute!

The next step is to create a short script (screenplay) that contains all relevant content and technical information. Focus on the opening sentence, which should already convey the core message. It must be compelling and meaningful, because users decide in the first few seconds whether they want to continue watching a video or not.

Then you create your storyboard. This is the visualization of your script. Make it eye-catching and to the point.
Consider image and sound quality. Today’s smartphones already offer a 4k mode. High-quality sound recordings are however trickier to manage. For that, an external high quality mic is highly recommended for your video content on social media.

When using image or vidoe content for social media, it is important to clarify in advance whether you have the necessary rights for using that content. With external service providers and stock photos, these are usually included with the paid purchase. However, pay attention to the specifications of the respective provider.

If you took the photo yourself, you are the owner of the rights of use. However, you must also comply with the rights of third parties. For example, you need the consent of the persons depicted in the photo, provided they are recognizable. If the photo does not serve purely private purposes, you must also pay attention to protected trademark and design rights. For example, the unauthorized use of a brand logo can constitute a trademark infringement. If one of these rights is infringed, there is a risk of injunctive relief and claims for damages, as well as legal fees.

Visual content – whether videos, images or graphics – aims at successful communication with the target group. A visual content strategy is helpful in attracting users at the beginning of the user journey and keeping them engaged in the long term.

The choice of the right format for the respective channel is crucial. For example, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram users spend around a third of their time watching videos. Infographics also support your presence with bundled yet easily accessible information. Make sure they are descriptive and attractively designed. Whether you use graphics, photos, or videos, a good social media tool with a social video creator will support your work by creating and automating structural workflows. This leaves you more time to spend on creative work.