This is how you take social media posting to the next level

With Levuro, you can create social media posts that will leave a lasting impression on your followers. Achieve new levels of success with the many features that are included in the Levuro social media posting tool. Even the free version offers you everything you need to successfully execute a social media posting plan.

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Editorial plan as calendar view

Use your time productively through structured editorial planning: The calendar view in Levuro is one of the most user-friendly posting plans for social media. Organize your publications with drag and drop in calendar view and switch to and from the list view at any time.

Scheduling social media posts in Levuro is a breeze, even in the free version.

This is how you take social media posting to the next level

Optimize image formats for all channels directly in the tool

Improve your social media post design for each platform with Levuro’s powerful image editing tool! Format your images without losing quality – or conveniently add overlays and rotate images as you please. Crop your images and videos directly in the tool and adapt them for the various social media platforms.

You don't need any additional storage space to secure your images and videos. You can store and access your data directly in Levuro at any time.

Optimize image formats for all channels directly in the tool

Include social media mentions

The effect of mentions is often underestimated. As a consequence, people forget to add mentions to their posts even when it's beneficial to do so. Ideally, you should mention influencers or other relevant people and businesses when creating a social media post.

Mentions can increase visibility of your post, resulting in more engagement, which in turn boosts your reach. Unlike other social media publishing tools, Levuro offers mentions directly in the app.

Include social media mentions

Conveniently review posts in a team

Teamwork helps improve performance –especially when you can get immediate feedback from your team members. With Levuro, you can add new teammates and control their access permissions with just a few clicks. After creating a post, it can be shared with relevant collaborators via a link even before publishing. They can see the post and edit it depending on their permissions.

Conveniently review posts in a team

Evaluate post performance

The success of your social media strategy is measured by your post’s performance. That's why it's important to evaluate it on an ongoing basis. This way, you can regularly optimize your content and update the frequency of publication as necessary.

Levuro gives you the possibility to export your data for a detailed analysis. This way you can assess your posts with regard to your desired goals: engagement, reach or sales. With the help of campaigns and labels, strategies and targets can be evaluated over longer periods of time.

Would you like to have more analysis functions directly in the tool? Feel free to let us know. We are constantly improving our app and would love to have your input.

Evaluate post performance

Frequently asked questions

Successful social media posting needs a few key ingredients. If you stick to these basics, you can save a lot of resources you spend on social media publishing.

Choosing the right format is essential for a successful social media post. Don’t limit yourself to a single format, add variety with link, image, video or carousel posts. Test content formats such as quotes, how to’s, tips, customer feedback – depending on what suits the target audience and the channel. This way you create an engaging and varied mix and can test which social media post design works best with your audience.

When it comes to social media publishing, also consider the communication culture prevalent on the platform. For example, on Facebook, a friendly, casual and direct tone is desired. Instagram, on the other hand, requires more elaborate story telling, inspiring lifestyle images – if possible with faces. In general, you should always pay attention to a good interplay between the image and the captions.

Professional social media publishing requires adherence to the technical quality standards: On Instagram, for example, image quality is one of the key factors for a convincing social media presence. The accompanying captions must also be relevant and appealing so that they don’t miss their mark.

The right time of publication helps you reach your target audience in the best possible way. This helps you achieve momentum quickly with your social media posts.

When creating social media posts, use a professional social media publishing tool like Levuro. With Levuro, you can schedule all your social media posts in advance for free. You’re guaranteed to gain more time for creative content creation by eliminating clutter in your workflow.

Social media publishing is a subset of social media management and includes publishing and distributing content on social networks. It is an elaborate and interlocking process that requires professional time management. It therefore makes sense to automate the recurring processes involved to ensure a smooth workflow.

The be-all and end-all of any post is content that is suitably prepared for the target group. That’s why you should have a thorough understanding of your community and its channels. This will enable you to make your content fresh, appropriate and attractive. Be yourself – authenticity makes your content even more appealing. Always keep yourself up to date, so you can pick up on new trends in time.

For maximum reach, the right posting frequency is key. The general rule is quality over quantity. Every target group prefers less frequent, but varied and appealing content over monotonous continuous posting. The different channels have different requirements for the frequency of postings, driven primarily by different user behavior on each platform. On Twitter, for example, several posts per day are considered the norm . On Facebook, on the other hand, more than one post per day can be considered annoying. Test the frequency directly with your target group and change it if necessary. It is important to have a sophisticated posting plan for social media that you adhere to and readjust at regular intervals.

A social media publishing tool is used to streamline and automate processes. Depending on which social media channels you want to publish on, you will need different features. A tool should support your workflow and not the other way around. That’s why it’s important that it’s tailored to your needs. This way, you can focus on being creative and leave the tedious management to your social media publishing tool.