Capture the best moments by clipping live streams in real-time

Thanks to Levuro’s intuitive live video editing software, you can easily and quickly select the best scenes from a live stream and generate short videos (live clips) from them even during the stream. Adding branding elements to the live clips and restreaming them on social media is also a piece of cake.

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Share the most valuable moments of your stream with live clips and engage your followers on all channels

Live video editing couldn’t get easier than this: Use Levuro’s easy-to-use live clipping feature to show your followers the best moments from your livestream:

  • Navigate through the live stream recordings to select the best scenes of your stream.
  • Let Levuro assemble those scenes into a video (live clip). You can create as many live clips as you want from one stream.
  • Give the live clip a title and save it.
  • Add your branding elements such as logo, opening and closing credits etc. You can also use several brand kits at once.
  • Optimize your clipped streaming for social media: Crop the video to fit the right format and set an interesting thumbnail to increase the video’s open rate.
Share the most valuable moments of your stream with live clips and engage your followers on all channels

Live Video Editing: No more waiting till the livestream ends to start editing clips

Publish as many live clips from your live stream as you want, even during the course of the stream. Levuro offers you the best of real time video editing!

  • Plan your livestream recordings in advance or create them on the go.
  • Create and share live clips of your best scenes even during the course of your livestream!
  • Optimize the video format to the social media platform, add your branding, and share the videos with your followers while your live stream is running.
Illustration to show the possibility in Levuro to clip videos and publish or share them

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    Intuitive live video editing – for your team

    Every member of your team can access the livestreams, create clips and share them on social media. They can also access and edit the live clippings stored in the media library. This enables faster publishing, giving you endless possibilities to keep your followers engaged!

    Intuitive live video editing – for your team

    Flexibility in sharing your live clips

    Once you’ve created the clipped streaming videos, share them in any one of the following ways:

    • Publish on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube – during or after the live stream.
    • Send the link of the published or unpublished videos to anyone (the video will be stored in the Levuro media library).
    • Store your videos in Levuro’s media library or share them with CMS, FTP destinations, or OTT and media archives – for instance Imagen, Sportradar, Brightcove, Kaltura or similar platforms.
    Flexibility in sharing your live clips

    Apart from clipping live streams, Levuro offers much more

    Play button to represent the live stream recording plugin in Levuro.

    Live stream recording

    Create live stream recordings from Levuro. Plan in advance and we start the recording for you.

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    Our integrated artificial intelligence will select the best moment of your live event.

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    AI tagging

    Automatic taging, making it easy for you to see the important live actions like goals, fouls...

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