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  • Sport leagues
  • Broadcaster
  • Brands
  • Events

Plan your livestream recordings

  • Schedule your live recording event: generate a link and enter it in your favorite livestream tool/encoder.
  • As an encoder you can use streaming apps, portable encoders, broadcast encoder or any software like OBS Studio (read our article to learn how it works).
  • In Levuro Live Studio your can monitor and edit your livestreams while it's recording.

Create branded live clips and publish to multiple platforms

  • Live Clipping: Intuitive livestream video editor to create live clips.
  • Add your logo, opener, closer, transitions...
  • Customize your video clips for each platform: cut, crop, add your brand elements.
  • Publish to your social media, CMS or archive in one click.
Example of a branded video clip, that can be published to multiple social media platforms with Levuro.

They are using live studio

Manual or AI tagging of important scenes

  • Save time and find directly important events on your timeline like goals, fouls...
  • Find quickly the most relevant scene in your livestream to create live clips and share on social media.
  • Search for tags and find easily key scenes from a large number of videos.
  • Generate highlights and summaries from your livestream tags.
Levuro Live Studio allows you to tag your scenes manual or with artificial intelligence (AI)

Restream on multiple platforms simultaneously

  • Multi-stream to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, or any platforms with custom RTMP URL at once.
  • International ingest server: strong and reliable technology.
  • Record, clip and restream your livestreams from one platform.
  • Expand your audience & grow your fan base with no extra effort.
Levuro Live Studio allows to restream to multiple social media platforms.

AI automated scene detection

  • Leave the editing of the scene to the AI.
  • You can review the AI detected scenes instantly in your livestream and save valuable time.
  • AI scene detection can be adjusted to the needs of your team.
  • This allows you to quickly compile new highlight clips, such as all the goals scored by a specific player.
Levuro Live Studio AI automated scene detection

Auto generation of highlight video

  • AI gathers the most relevant moments of your livestream to create a highlight video.
  • Scenes can be prioritized and summarized optimized for your audiences.
  • Enrich the automatic highlights with your manual tags.
  • Create specific highlights that can be personalized according to your needs.

Access all livestreams from your Levuro library

  • All your livestreams stored in one place, easy to find and easy to reuse.
  • Use the database of clips created from livestreams.
  • Share livestreams and clips with a link or to your media archive or CMS.
live stream

More possibilities to personalize the tool

  • Access 24/7 replay of your broadcast signal.
  • Specific event or scene detection for your use case.
  • A team of expert developers and data analysts is here to assist you.
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