Create effective videos from your live streams with Live Studio

Levuro offers a professional live streaming tool in the form of our live stream studio. Whether you are on location or working in the studio, you can count on it for all your live stream video production needs. Plan, record, edit, and even restream your videos all using one live video software. Live Studio is a tailor-made solution for: Live events, E-sports, Sports leagues, Broadcasting and Brands

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Live Studio is a tailor-made solution for:

  • Live Events
  • Sport leagues
  • E-sports
  • Broadcasting
  • Brands

Levuro makes live streaming fun – the live video software that does more!

Live Studio allows you to record your live streams and edit them later. But what sets it apart is the fact that you can select the best moments of your stream while you are live streaming and even create short clips from them.

  • Schedule your live stream recordings in advance. All you need to do is send the live stream from your encoder to Levuro.
  • As encoder, you can use any streaming app, portable encoders, broadcast encoders or live video software like OBS Studio.
  • Monitor and control your live streams while recording.
Levuro makes live streaming fun – the live video software that does more!

Brand your live stream video production and share it on all social media channels

With our live stream tool, you can create video clips from your live stream, personalize them with your brand kit, and publish them at the same time on all social media channels.

  • Live stream clipping: Create clips from your live stream with our intuitive live stream tool.
  • Personalize your video with your brand kit elements such as logo, opening and ending credits, and transitions.
  • Crop your video as per the requirements of each social media channel.
  • Publish the videos directly to your social media channels or store them in your Content Management System or media archive for later use.
Example of a branded video clip, that can be published to multiple social media platforms with Levuro.

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    Live stream tagging of important scenes: manually or using AI

    Our live Studio utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically detect and tag the highlights of your videostream.

    • Save time by letting the AI automatically detect the most important scenes or events in your live stream – perfect as a live sport studio for example, automatically detecting the goals scored in a soccer match and creating video clips out of them.
    • Conveniently select the desired key scenes from the various saved tags (both manual and automatic).
    • Use the manual or automatically detected key scenes to create a unique highlights video – personalized to your brand – with only a few clicks.
    Levuro Live Studio AI automated scene detection

    Web-based access to all live streams in your media library

    The archiving function in the Live Studio software allows you to quickly access all your saved recordings.

    • All your live stream productions in one place, ready to be used instantly.
    • Access and use your saved clips from the live streams at any time.
    • Share the highlights or live video clips easily with a link, the media library, or your CMS.
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    Customize Levuro with modular features and other integrations

    Simply grab what you need! Here are our Live Studio features at a glance:

    Play button to represent the live stream recording plugin in Levuro.

    Live stream recording

    Connect Facebook, Twitch, or other streaming platforms with Levuro and restream on those whenever you want.

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    Live stream clipping

    Create short video clips by choosing the best moments of your live stream and share to multiple platforms.

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    Create short video clips by choosing the best moments of your live stream and share to multiple platforms.

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    AI tagging

    AI automatically detects and tags the best scenes from your live stream, saving time and other resources.

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    Customized options for your live stream video production.

    • Access the replay of your 24/7 broadcast signal.
    • Use the user-defined event/scene detection for your specific use case.
    • Our team – consisting of experienced developers and data analysts – is always there to answer any product questions or cater to customization requests for the live stream tool.
    personalize Levuro

    Try out Levuro’s Live Studio software for free and see for yourself

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    Frequently asked questions

    • A live stream is a real-time digital transmission of a live event. Just like the soccer matches that you watch live. Think of it as a live sport studio sending you the live images of the game. When it comes to live streaming, picture quality and transmission stability play an important role.
    • Internet connections are prone to disruptions. Live streams therefore have a small data buffer (30-60 seconds), which enables them to run smoothly even when the internet connection faces any interruptions.

    You don’t need any heavy equipment to create your live stream studio. A webcam or a camera is enough – or in case of streaming your computer screen, a screen recording software is what you’ll need.

    To transmit your video to the audience, you will either need a live encoder (signal converting hardware) or live studio software for streaming. You can simply use your smartphone camera and a corresponding live stream app to forward your live stream to social media channels (restreaming). However, the design options for live stream production with a smartphone are limited. A classic video camera is often a better option since it offers many useful features such as focus, zoom, image stability and much more.

    Now all you need to do is inform your followers that you are going live. You can do that with a link invitation.

    There are many social media platforms that offer a recording function for live streams. These however leave a lot to be desired. For instance, many platforms do not allow you to edit your video after the live stream. And if you want to broadcast on multiple social media channels, you will have to call it up on each individual platform.

    Good live stream studio apps, apart from offering recording and archiving functions, also allow you to edit saved recordings across various platforms. A powerful software like Levuro’s Live Studio enables you to edit your clips once and then post them on all channels simultaneously. It also gives you the ability to apply personal branding to your clips in the post production phase.

    The two most important ingredients for a successful live stream are originality and authenticity. If the message you want to convey is worth listening to, the audience will want to watch.

    If you want to promote a high-end product with your stream, a professional live stream studio is a good choice. It makes your product look professional and credible.

    On the other end of the spectrum, low-budget live stream productions have their own charm and if you and your message are interesting, you can count on your originality to produce an authentic and entertaining stream.