In this article we are going to highlight how to solve the main challenges when efficiently running your social media marketing campaigns, and increase your content engagement. It includes a bunch of new innovations to run such campaigns from your mobile phone, while connected with all your teammates and partners.

The importance of Storytelling in Social Media Marketing

Do you know that 92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story (Forbes), and 81% of marketers think that the most important element of an effective content campaign is an engaging and compelling storytelling strategy (Optify)? So, what’s the profound reason why stories are taking place in the marketing industry?

Storytelling has always been the most pivotal human experience and form of communication of all the time: it drives connection, empathy, experience, and emotion. All those aspects are fundamental in marketing, too. Turning storytelling into a strategic approach and placing it at the heart of content marketing gives life to the so-called Emotional Marketing: stories help content build emotional connections with your audience, which can have a long-lasting effect. Always bear in mind that people primarily make their decisions based on their gut feelings: this is the basis of any emotional marketing strategy.

So, whether it’s an interview, a social media contest/giveaway, a specific experience or event, the credibility that comes from a real story and a strong call-to-action (CTA) is beyond all measure, and that’s the main key of any cross-media content and/or influencer marketing strategy.


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Challenges in daily social media content marketing and storytelling

You might be very familiar with the following daily challenges running content marketing campaigns  and improving engagement and ROI at the same time:


Interested in how technology can support you and your team in these issues?  Just keep reading, and we’ll show you to get this challenges solved!

1. Collaborative Content Creation: how team collaboration and publishing process are pivotal challenges

As stated before, having to look at and coordinate the work of multiple people or teams is one of the biggest challenges for a social media marketing manager. The main issues are caused by the workflow and approval process behind any post, and above all the confusion that can stem from not knowing what to post or where to find the visual content. As you surely know, having things done quickly and properly is fundamental when talking about social media, because there is always the risk to fail in setting the tone of the brand and its image.

The main problem for each team is often communicationTry thinking about various remote teams working from different countries and different time zones as digital nomads, as often happens: communication becomes essential, doesn’t it?

Moreover, different perceptions and opinions on what needs to be done can set off huge confusion, and that’s why you should need a smart tool that allows you to communicate, give and organize tasks, as well as prioritize and approve your team’s work. This is not always possible within the same software you use to manage your campaign, so shifting between different tools at once may cause delays and further challenges.

We know it perfectly, and that’s why Levuro Engage thinks first and foremost about the human side of the teams working with our tool.

With our tool you are able to:

  • Add as many team members as you want, each with their own user permissions.
  • Task management and planning tool which also enables you to communicate with team members through direct messages.
  • Set tasks for each project, and assign them to the appropriate users, while involving your team and keeping them posted at every step of your social media strategy.
  • Flexible collaboration with team members in different roles across your business, as well as your clients, partners, and influencers.
  • Valuable content approval process with preview through which easily delegate, communicate, and collaborate with comments and tasks.

2. Scheduling: at the heart of social media management

Let’s give a look at the heart of any social media campaign’s process. Scheduling is, undoubtedly, the most comfortable and valuable tool that any marketer looks for in a Social Media Marketing Management System (SMMS). Speaking with numbers, 57% of marketers say that they use or prefer using automation software to schedule posts (Tailwind). Every marketer knows how important is being consistent and post with a certain adequate frequency each day and in each social media platform. That’s the main rule to keep your audience engaged and show them you care about them.

Moreover, delegating your social media work is as much important: scheduling enables you to do so, and allows you to approve your team members’ drafts before publishing them. Scheduling also means choosing the perfect time when your audience will likely be online, based on your analytics and insights: this is essential if you want to reach the majority of them. Just think about complex campaigns that involve contest and/or giveaways cross-planned on several platforms: they represent an effective way to keep your audience engaged while growing your fan or follower base, so it becomes pivotal to organize and schedule them properly. In fact, managing a contest involves creating rules and guidelines, accepting submissions, choosing a winner, and following through with its reward: a lot of stuff to do, which can be better done through scheduling each part of the process.

Therefore, how may Levuro Engage fit all those requirements? Simple: 

  • Our storylines templates allow to easily schedule your contests/giveaways and successfully run them with your team’s collaboration.
  • Our team collaboration features (comments, tasks…) would allow you to easily keep track of the several stages involved in contests/giveaways.

3. You don’t need to be a professional to use our Video Editor

Let us show you a secret: you don’t have to be an cutter to easily edit your social media videos! Nevertheless, we plenty understand your feeling of having a lack of experience or skills. Just consider that 83% of marketers say they’d like to create more video content if they didn’t have restraints such as time and resources (State of Social Media), and 72% of them are blocked by the lack of time or the too many skills that some professional editing software would involve (State of Social Media).

Therefore, this means that videos are still the most complex social media content to be produced and managed, even if they seem to be the most persuasive marketing tools and the most engaging social media content of the moment. Video is being prioritized by any social media platform algorithm and gaining higher organic reach, as well as more likes and engagement than any other type of content. Yet, for instance, even if Instagram is particularly valuable in terms of quick and simple video requirements, with its Stories, GIFs, boomerang, live, and the new IGTV vertical channels, it is clear that adding the right ratio, filters, and branded logo is essential to better promote your cross-media content campaign. This means that the real issue with video is that it can be time-consuming and sometimes costly, in terms of producing and editing.

In terms of emotional marketing, video is a powerful storytelling medium. 65% of senior marketing executives believe that videos are essential to how their brand story is communicated (adespresso). So, not only it may represent the pivotal asset of your promotional campaign, but it’s also an emotionally resonant combination of sound, motion, and visuals that can help you gain a deeper relationship between your brand and your audience.
Video Marketing

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Levuro Engage provides you  with cutting-edge video editing tool wherever you need it! It will become your friend on your mobile.

  • We offer you a user-friendly and simple editing tool that allow selecting and adding thumbnails, modify the videos/pics ratio according to the different social media requirements,.
  • You have the possibility to cut video out of sequences , convert to GIFs, create IG boomerang videos, closer, trim, modify and adjust sound.
  • Moreover, you can add video/pics for fade in /out or thumbnail, setting the effect duration.
  • Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to save video actions as templates for easily use them again.

4. The power of numbers: analytics

This point seems to be one of the most significant issues for marketers, if you consider that 42% of them believe the ability to act on data to be the most significant challenge they face (MarketingSherpa). Indeed, analytics are essential if you want to properly target your strategies and ads on social media: they allow you to understand your audience, figure out their preferences, the hours they are more active throughout days and weeks, and be sure you are not wasting time and money. Some analytics’ common issues are the incomplete picture, data relevance, and their quality.

Nothing may be worst in this case of having unactionable analytics. Basically, those challenges of data management that marketers usually deal with are due to the amount of data available, as well as the disjunction of those data between the different platforms involved in their campaigns.

Therefore, one problem encountered in some cross-media campaigns is that different strategies, although executed in combination, are measured separately: this does not provide a comprehensive overview of a campaign and its results.

Having a full picture of your campaign’s results is essential, and that’s what we offer you within our tool, Levuro Engage:

  • Affordable and cost-effective total measurements
  • Measure total reach  and Engagement of your business across different channels or campaigns
  • Standardized analytics: to allow businesses to see metrics related to users, traffic and viewers across each channel
  • Extended analytics: based on cutting-edge extensions that can be customized by data experts
  • Single channels’ analytics, total campaigns’ ones, and direct connections with channels

Levuro will enable you to find the right audience in the right place at the right time, thanks to state-of-the-art total audience measurement that would change the way you look at analytics!

5. Working with Influencer and Partners

The  social media trend that you cannot avoid thinking about is Influencer Marketing. The term “influencer marketing” increased by 325% in Google searches over 2017 (Medium). Involving partners or influencers in your strategies, when properly executed, can generate stunning results.  Yet, this marketing technique is still relatively new, and there is a lack of clear guidelines, rules, and processes makes it difficult to utilize the maximum potential of influencer marketing in a SMMS. Despite that, at Levuro – after having personally involved several partners within our storylines and software process – we believe that the golden rule to make such a strategy work is to clearly communicate your partnership goal and seek their advice before publishing any post.

Influencer and Partner

Levuro Engage is able to add partners and influencers to your project or story.  You can distribute videos, pictures and post drafts to their channels. You just have to add their channel and  their manager’s email contact for direct approval: they’ll check and approve task, draft, making the process clear and straightforward. The influencers posts are included in the analytics of your story.

Influencer, Partners, Agencies, Photographers and VJ’s can act as Content Contributors. You can ad them to our project, they can upload their photos, videos, drafts and stories and are part of the collaborative content creation workflow.

social media content marketing tool - levuro engage

As stated before, Levuro offers you a cost-effective social media management and editing tool that helps you improve your social account’s engagement, while running powerful cross-media marketing campaigns. Our tool, Levuro Engage, will be your perfect assistant in your cross-media marketing framework, making you and your team focus just on the main goals.  Therefore, if you are seeking something more than a simple social media managing app, and you’d like to have an engagement-based and mobile-friendly app through which create contests, giveaways, and polls for your campaigns, Levuro Engage is exactly what you have been looking for!

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