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Live stream recording

Levuro record you live stream event from different sources HLS, RTP, RTMP.

Multiple ways to record your live stream: HLS, RTP, RTMP.
Integration of your 24/7 signal

Inside Levuro you can record and re stream your live stream event. You can sent your live stream with any of the common methods like HLS Pull Link or RMTP/RTP Push Link. You can stream from any device, encoder or software like OBS to Levuro.

Besides capturing the single recording event Levuro also offer a 24/7 integration of Broadcast Signals up to Full HD 1080p including 7 days replay.

Version: 1.0.1
Last updated: 1.0.1
Languages: EN

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    AI generated tags

    Automatic taging, making it easy for you to see the important live actions like goals, fouls...


    Highlight video summary

    Our integrated artificial intelligence will select the best moment of your live event.


    Live stream recording

    Create live stream recordings from Levuro. Plan in advance and we start the recording for you.


    Live stream clipping

    Create clips from your live stream and share the most memorable moments to your audience.