pepsi 1893

This is our past, made present.

1893 is a new beverage created by Pepsi that harkens back to a time when the average consumer could recognize the ingredients in sodas they drank. 1893 is a bold blend of premium kola nut extract, real sugar and sparkling water, being as much aimed at mixologists as it is at the average soda consumer.

The Challenge

Pepsi partnered with Caesars Palace to launch 1893 during the Las Vegas hotel’s 50th anniversary in early August 2016 under the slogan “Summer of Caesars”, with the aim to connect millennials that represent the spirit of elevated fun and creativity that characterized the year 1893, the year when Caleb Bradham, the inventor of Pepsi-Cola, introduced “Brad’s Drink” to the world.

For the launch, Pepsi’s goal was to create an ongoing conversation with their consumers through an engaging, content-driven, social-based loyalty marketing program.

Our Approach

Pepsi partnered with Levuro for the engagement marketing expertise, resulting in the creation of synchronized, cross-platform campaigns with immediate call-to-actions and high conversion rates. The Levuro approach was to turn every event on-site, at Caesars Palace, into a data collection opportunity, via online contests that enabled consumer data collection and increased the ROI of the Casino programs.

Marketing Tools & Services

Levuro’s solution comprised of a campaign-based landing page supporting video content, news and contest registration, as well as transmedia storytelling services and social media management.

“Levuro’s engagement marketing platform was great value to the 1893 campaign. We liked to work with Levuro’s reliable and high-performing team.”

Tesa Lau, Founder/CEO of Accomplices (360-degree marketing firm for Pepsi)


The landing page promoting 1893 on the website had a time-on-page twice as high compared to the average website viewer and a higher engagement due to the interest in winning prizes and trips to Caesars 1893 events. This also drove viewers to return back to the website to see updates and news, therefore staying engaged through the whole time span of the event.

The click-through rate of the social media posts was double compared to the standard benchmark and organic traffic actually drove 3x more reactions than paid media, allowing Pepsi to efficientize the media spend, reaching a huge amount of people under a tight budget.