porsche european open

It's all about commitment

PORSCHE EUROPEAN OPEN is Europe’s most relevant golf tournament – a few days of technique, precision, aesthetics and passion.

The Challenge

2016 was meant to transform PORSCHE EUROPEAN OPEN into a demanding, inspiring and ultimately transformative experience, engaging the world’s top athletes in competing head to head during a few days of tradition, elegance and interactive entertainment.

The task was just as challenging behind the scenes as it was on the front line. The need was clear – a digital solution able to:

  • manage content, rights and data
  • capable of machine learning to optimize conversion to sales (SVOD, merchandise) and direct marketing
  • able to match the sponsors’ expectations and the audience’s alike.

Our Approach

Levuro took a transmedia storytelling approach to PORSCHE EUROPEAN OPEN and designed the concept supporting the event before, during and after. It comprised of a website, live streaming and social media (Twitter, YouTube and Facebook). As a result, PORSCHE EUROPEAN OPEN reached its new record by doubling their number of fans and getting them to “reach the stars”.

Engagement Marketing Tool

Levuro consulted in the digital marketing strategy for the event with a transmedia storytelling approach, focused not only on social media, but also on sponsored content campaigns, synchronised with the overall marketing plan. The sponsoring packages have been extended with analytics from engagement data and leads, fed by Levuro’s powerful marketing and analytics tools.

The digital sponsoring packages included:

  • Sponsored best-off video with machine learning technology
  • Branded Content Marketing Campaigns
  • video ads, display ads – premium placements
  • newsletter integration

White-label turnkey solution

Levuro’s approach was to dedicate an engaging solution to PORSCHE EUROPEAN OPEN. This created a great first opportunity to develop a strong brand experience that contributed to the overall attendee experience.

Levuro used the white-label responsive front-end, a component of Levuro’s platform, to focus on solving two main problems for the PORSCHE EUROPEAN OPEN event:

  • Provide important and attractive information regarding the event,

that will…

  • Get more people to register for the event.

The design Levuro implemented for the event website features more clearly the event schedule, provides easy to spot “Register” triggers and comprehensive pricing options.

The powerful Levuro CMS sitting behind the website offered flexibility in providing continued updates during the event, as well as ability to stream live from the fields of Golf Resort Bad Griesbach.


Supported by Levuro’s solution and services, PORSCHE EUROPEAN OPEN reached its record, by doubling the total reach of the event.