Levuro offers a turnkey OTT Solution built upon several years of working with broadcasters, media houses and sports organizations. Below we present some of the highlights of our product offering. If you want to learn more feel free to contact us.

OTT Solution Feature Summary

Content Recommendation
Advanced Search
Content Management
Ad Operation
Churn Management
Powerful Marketing tool
OTT Solution

White-label turnkey solution

  • Levuro ensures all-in-one multi-device experience, offering a simple, clean and consistent design for all frontends.
  • We offer optimized templates to match the different client use-cases.
  • The solution covers integration with multiple platforms and connected devices.
  • Globally unique, we include the marketing engagement tools and different data use-cases to optimize the user journey and facilitate direct marketing.

OTT Solution

Over The Top - OTT Solution

  • Optimized live and on-demand video experience: our solution seamlessly injects the live stream signal into the online frontends, and it also supports importing existing video assets into our media storage and promote them to all frontends.
  • Use the same content as linear TV to open new revenue streams: enrich digital content with viewers interactions on multiple devices, reach all the audiences where they are.
  • Levuro offers standardized multiple business models to unlock mobile and 2nd screen revenues: it includes free ads, subscription and standard digital sponsoring packages.
  • Without additional costs your content can be distributed to multiple digital channels where it can reach additional audience.



Automated Video Workflow and Publishing

EPG bar (Electronic Program Guide)
In a 24/7 environment of broadcasters, we automate the video workflow and fetch the live stream events. For broadcasters, we offer dynamic EPG component.

Efficient publishing and transmedia storytelling
To reduce editors work, single metadata source is used to automatically publish to the digital channels.

Second Screen, Multiscreen
Trough it’s origin of 5 years with most innovative european Social TVs, Levuro, together with its partner has a wide range of experience with second and multiscreen engagement projects.

Content Recommendation

  • Built-in content recommendation module ensures an increase in user experience and monetization.
  • Our machine learning algorithms find the patterns between articles and user journeys to optimize suggested content: as a result, the audience stays engaged longer and finds your content more fit to what they want.
  • Additionally, editors can easily link contents and tags to increase the recommendation accuracy.

Content Recommendation

Content Recommendation
Advanced Search

Advanced Search

  • Levuro offers a full indexed search function that includes autocompletion, typo correction and filtering.
  • Search algorithm optimizes search results with user data using interaction and social ranking.

Advanced Search

Single CMS, Multi Language and Region

Levuro offers a single CMS to publish to several platforms.

Multi-language and Multi-region functionalities allow centralized editor teams to publish to several regions in several languages using one source of assets. The multi-region module allows defining which content should be available in which country. Editors creating a content can easily select in which region the content should be available.

multi-region multi-language

multi-region multi-language
Engagement Tools

Powerful Marketing Tools

Completely integrated marketing tools, created primarily to enhance engagement and conversion: it allows monitoring of engagement and user flow using our analytics.

Engagement Tools