September 12 – 13, 2018 | Cologne, Germany

DMEXCO 2018 is coming, and we’re excited to be attending

Take C.A.R.E. — Motto and Motivation for the Industry, is the motto of this year event, which shows that the digital economy is aware of users’ needs.

DMEXCO is the meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation.

Ready for cross-media content marketing? Just be mobile-friendly!

Crossmedia content marketing is taking place in each big brand and industry out there, as well as startups and small companies. Planning and producing cross-media content marketing campaigns across different platforms, and including influencers, can be efficiently done through the smartphone.

Mobile-friendly tools facilitate the achievement of any marketing goal, no matter if it’s to increase engagement or conversion.

LEVURO’s presentation at DMEXCO will show you the key success factors to run powerful cross-media campaigns able to significantly reduce costs, improve engagement, and promote the most effective content.

Levuro is going to show you its strong solution to team collaboration

Struggling to manage your team during your day-to-day multiple activities and projects? Have you ever dreamt to chat and share comments or tasks with your colleagues within your social media management tool, to make your planning and approval process be simpler?

Here it is the solution to your daily time management issues!

Levuro gives you the opportunity to make your creative team work and collaborate through perfectly organized comments and tasks within the tool itself, and let them easily prepare the content in view of your approval.This would allow you to make all the team work within the tool, without switching to Slack or Whatsapp!

Interested in knowing more about Levuro Engage?

Levuro offers you a cost-effective social media management and editing tool that helps you improve your social account’s engagement, while running powerful cross-media marketing campaigns. Our tool, Levuro Engage, is the perfect assistant in a complex cross-media framework.

It will allow you to plan, edit, translate, schedule, and publish engaging transmedia storylines for your campaigns through different social media platforms, easily collaborate with your team, and manage your analytics in a straightforward and quick way. If you are looking for something more than a simple social media managing app, and you’d like to have an engagement-based app through which create contests, giveaways, and polls for your campaigns, Levuro Engage is exactly what you have been looking for.

Therefore, meet LEVURO at DMEXCO this year to discover the most efficient cross-media storytelling and optimized use of social media ads!

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