Fine tune your media before publishing

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Media storage & editing

  • Store all your media in the library
  • Edit your media: crop, add text, rotate, overlay...
  • Resize your images to fit each platform

Customize your images and videos for each social media platform

  • Create great visual content.
  • Edit your images and videos: resize, crop, add text, rotate, overlay...
  • Get social media image/video ratio right.

Easy media editing from the composer

  • Edit your images or videos directly in the composer.
  • Select your video thumbnail to increase your reach.
  • Preview what your media will look like on web and mobile.

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Video editing made easy

  • Add overlay, add scene, crop, cut scene...
  • From the composer: rename, edit, change thumbnail.
  • Get social media video ratio right.

Live stream recording

  • Record live streams.
  • Create branded clips from your live stream and share with your followers.
  • Insert your logo, intro, transitions...
  • During a sport game, AI technology detects events like goals, fouls...