In this article we are going to help you deal with one of the most powerful social media content: video. 

Video has become the most engaging form of marketing strategy on social media, and it seems that in 2018 brands have used video advertising to drive awareness and boost the customer journey more than how they could have done with photos and text.

Moreover, video is being prioritized by social media platforms algorithms and gaining not just more organic reach, but more likes and engagement than any other type of content.

Still not sure about the potential of video marketing? Just take a look at those statistics below!


social media video editing - Levuro Engage

1. Don’t be afraid of Video Editing Challenges

Nevertheless, there are some challenges involved in video editing for social media.

Generally speaking, the main ones are related to:

  1. The amount of time involved in the process;
  2. The need of a specific expertise;
  3. The video editing cost.

social media video editing - Levuro Engage

Yet, the idea that time, expertise, and cost should always be three overwhelming challenges is not so true.

As a matter of fact, you should be aware that:

  • You are not forced to embark yourself upon studying a complicated and time-consuming video editing software: indeed, you can opt for a mobile-friendly and efficient app that solves many of your worries with two fingertips! Indeed, editing and previewing your videos on mobile would ensure the right moot and save time, as well as making your content authentic and close to your fans’ mobile attitude.
  • You don’t have to be an expert to edit a social media video: just for the same reason above, you can choose a straightforward application or tool that doesn’t require any hard skill. Moreover, it would allow your video editor to be cloud-based, avoiding storage problems on your mobile device.
  • Finally, the myth according to which you should spend a high budget to edit a video is totally wrong: you can opt for a cost-effective but still powerful tool that solves all of your problems at once.

At this point, are you still wondering how to proceed to make your videos be as much engaging as possible on each social media platform you’re managing? Keep reading (and watching) below! 


2. Pay attention to Thumbnails and Video Aspect Ratio… 

Creating the right thumbnail is as choosing a book cover: thumbnails can make or break your odds of getting clicks on your video.

People’s attention spans are tiny: so, your thumbnail should closely pair with the beginning of your video for a seamless experience that avoids disorienting viewers.

Moreover, using a tool that allows you to set your thumbnail as quickly as possible is one of the most important steps, but not the only one.

Indeed, you should be aware that each social media has different requirements in terms of video aspect ratio: pay attention at choosing the right one, otherwise you may end up decreasing your reach and engagement levels.

So here are some useful explanations of each social media ratio requirements: 



social media video editing - Levuro Engage


social media video editing


social media video editing - Levuro Engage

3. …but never underestimate the power of 1:1 square aspect ratio

In terms of Facebook and Instagram engagement, it is clear that the videos with a 1:1 ratio are the ones with the highest level of reach and conversion.

On mobile devices, a square video can take up to 78% more real engagement level than the standard landscape video (Adweek, 2018).

In fact, the standard landscape ratio (16:9) has been dramatically decreased on social media, due to the popularity of vertical Stories/IGTV with a 9:16 ratio and the 1:1 Instagram feed ratio.

As more and more traffic turns to mobile, everything must be thought of in mobile-first terms, video included: it involves the necessity to shot and edit according to those new social media ratios.

Apps and mobile tools make it simpler than any big editing software: therefore, never forget to edit your videos with this ratio, when possible, and do it as simply as possible through a mobile-friendly tool.

To discover further interesting statistics, give a look below: 

social media video editing - Levuro Engage

4. Last but not least, keep your social media videos short 

Online viewers often don’t have so much time to spare before they’re off looking at a new video on social media. In this sense, shorter marketing videos can tend to work better than long ones.

In order to easily cut them, you’d better choose a tool that’s simply accessible and not a costly and time-consuming editing software that’d be available only on your computer.

Nonetheless, don’t make the big mistake of thinking that a short video means less quality in terms of content and copy.

Indeed, the same rules that apply for written content marketing apply for video marketing: you should concentrate on the value you’re providing for your customers/audiences, doing it through a shorter and more straightforward type of content.

As a matter of fact, you can make the most of the emotive power of video by appealing to your consumers’ needs and hidden desire: use a strong Call to Action, an emotional story, and ask for their opinion, instead of just selling a product or service.

So, what’s the best solution? Simple: Levuro Engage and its mobile-friendly video editor! 

In order to fortify your video marketing strategy with all of those tips and requirements, just choose a Video Editing Tool that allows you to:

  • Crop your videos according to the right aspect ratio for each social media;
  • Easily cut and adjust them;
  • Add them the most suitable thumbnail;
  • Solve the main three challenges you’ve always been worried about: time, expertise, and cost.


Sick of worrying about those video editing aspects? We’ll offer you what you’ve always looked for in terms of Social Media Video Editing!

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