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In April 2023, Twitter disabled its video live clipping functionality called Twitter LiveCut which was part of the Twitter Media Studio. LiveCut allowed social media editors to create video clips from live streams and share them on Twitter in real time. Twitter LiveCut was available in Twitter Media Studio after the shut down of its predecessor product, SnappyTV, on December 31st, 2019.

Unfortunately, many businesses and individuals relied on LiveCut for their live video strategy. But don’t worry – Levuro is here to fill the gap.

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Like Twitter LiveCut, Levuro Live Studio is a powerful video editing tool designed for live video production. It offers a wide range of features that can help you create and share engaging video content on social media or your custom-sharing destination. Whether you’re streaming events, concerts, sports games, or breaking news, Live Studio provides easy-to-use video production tools that can help you get your video content in front of wider audiences faster.

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Why is Levuro the Best Alternative to Twitter LiveCut and its Former SnappyTV

Low-Price Entry Product: Levuro is an affordable option for social media managers or digital production teams with a low-price entry product. This makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Reliable real-time Video Workflows: Moreover, Levuro ensures that your content is delivered to your audience seamlessly with reliable video workflows.

No previous knowledge needed: Like Twitter LiveCut, Levuro supports you with its simple user interface for livestream recording and livestream clipping.

International Livestream Ingest: Another great feature is that Levuro allows you to ingest signals from anywhere in the world.

Save time on Social Media Posting: A key benefit of Live Stream is the ability to multi-publish your video clips to all social media channels. This ensures that your content is seen by as many people as possible.

Add your brand kit: Furthermore, enrich clips or highlights from clean feeds with logos, open and closers.

Share your clips to where you need them: Additionally, Levuro allows you to share clips with a public sharing link. You can instantly share content with various partners or ambassadors. In the enterprise version, share to various destinations like STFP, Google Cloud Bucket, AWS cloud bucket, and custom Media Asset Management systems. With this feature, get your content in front of a wider audience quickly and easily.

Organize your clips with labels: To make your workflow even more organized and efficient, Levuro offers the option to refind and organize your clips or tags using labels.

Multiworkspaces: Last but not least, workspaces allow you to best empower your content teams in your organization. You can organize your team and assign roles, ensuring that the right people can access the right content. Finally, create separate workspaces for different departments, campaigns, or clients, ensuring your workflow is organized and efficient.


Stand out in a crowded digital landscape

Given these points, Levuro Live Studio is without a doubt an excellent alternative to Twitter LiveCut, Twitter Media Studio and its former service SnappyTV. Its low-price entry product, reliable real-time video workflows easy user interface, international signal ingest, multi publishing, public sharing links, and multiworkspace ability make it the perfect tool for your live stream events. With Live Studio, create engaging and sharable videos that can capture the attention of your audience.  

Don’t let the removal of LiveCut hold you back from creating compelling live video content. Get a 45-minute recording trial from Levuro today and watch your content reach new heights.