Social media content planning starts to plan your content for each social media platform to increase your fanbase and engage your customers.

Create the Best Content for Each Social Media Platform

Each social media platform is different. Social Media Planning means to plan your content for each social media platform to increase your fanbase and engage your customers.

Attractive content on social media engages your customers and fosters long-term relationships with them. However, content creation can be time-consuming. From brainstorming to crafting the media and the accompanying text.

Social Media Planning starts that you plan your content for each social media platform. It is tempting to share the same content on all social media platforms. Unfortunately, this approach is often ineffective. It is not interesting for your fans to encounter the same content on every platform, and every platform has its own peculiarities. Tailor-made content contributes to your effectiveness on social media.

Learn in this article what content works best for each platform.


Instagram is known for its aesthetic feeds with captivating images or short videos. Create a theme for your feed to make your media look cohesive and increases your brand recognition.

Social media planning Three examples of instagram feeds with great colour schemes
Social Media planning: Using a theme for your media will contribute to brand recognition on Instagram.

Product images make a great content on your Instagram feed. Especially if your business is in the fashion or food industry, you will have plenty of appealing product images on hand.

Behind-the-scenes peeks make your business more relatable and have therefore a positive effect on your feed.

Quotes inspire your community. People can relate to them, and they often arouse emotional reactions. They can be about everyday life or lighthearted subjects, but industry trends are also appropriate.

You don’t have to create all of your media yourself. Look for inspiration from your community. With user-generated content (UGC), you can include beautiful snaps from your followers in your feed. Be sure to ask before using images from your fans. That way you encourage sharing within the community while staying out of trouble. Don’t forget to mention the creator in your post.

Starbucks frequently includes UGC in its Instagram content strategy, as you can see in the picture below.

a hand holding a big starbucks coffee with cream
Starbucks uses UGC in its Instagram feed.

Many companies like to spread their promotions on Instagram. However, make sure promotions don’t predominate your feed. Give your followers value through your profile with entertainment, information, or inspiration.


Facebook supports you in building your brand and interacting with your fans. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to get organic reach with your Facebook posts. Learn which content works best to engage your audience and boost your reach.

Videos are the best tool to get the most reach possible. However, the attention span of most users is not very long. Make your videos shorter than 90 seconds. Read here, why videos are powerful in your content marketing strategy.

Have you ever watched videos on the train, at work, or on the side during your lunch break without sound? We hear you. The ability to listen to the sound of videos is not always given. Therefore, be sure to add subtitles.

Blog posts are a good opportunity to highlight your knowledge of your industry on Facebook and provide your community with valuable insights.

Curated content consists of valuable information from third-party pages. Look for quality content in your industry and share it with your community on Facebook.


LinkedIn is a business network, therefore the focus lies on the professional aspects of companies.

You can share your company culture with your followers and post job ads on LinkedIn.

two persons over paperwork and tablet in the office
LinkedIn is a business network.

Product information makes suitable content for LinkedIn as well. Additionally, you can inspire your audience with white papers, studies on your industry or webinars. LinkedIn will help your company in positioning itself as a market leader.


Most users are on Twitter, primarily to keep up with the latest news. The short message platform allows up to 280 characters per Tweet. Make your content concise and crispy.

Tweet news about your company. Position yourself as an expert with your blog posts or information from your industry. Retweeting information from other experts is also good practice.

Add images or GIFs to keep your Tweets engaging.

Use a social media planning tool to create an overview about what content to post on which platform at what time. If you plan your content carefully, your social media presence will stand out from the competition.