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Auto video AI highlights help you save valuable time when producing your content. Let Levuro automatically compile and suggest optimized highlights like match summaries, the most effective match scene for social media, or simply the top goals.

Highlights can be created across different livestream recordings, based on the metadata of each scene. Scene detection and prioritization of match scenes are continuously optimized and enhanced.

Create branded video highlights easily, add your logo, opener, transitions, and closer. Highlights can also be generated in different languages.

In addition to auto video AI highlights, Levuro offers other plugins:

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    Other plugins to discover



    From Levuro, live streams can be restreamed to several destinations.


    AI-generated tags

    Automatic tagging, making it easy for you to see the important live actions like goals, fouls...

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    Livestream recording

    Create livestream recordings from Levuro. Plan in advance and we start the recording for you.


    Livestream clipping

    Create clips from your livestream and share the most memorable moments with your audience.