Fine tune your media before publishing

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Edit, store and share your media.

  • Store all your media in the library.
  • Edit your media: crop, add text, rotate, overlay...
  • Resize your images to fit each platform.
Image of cupcakes, displayed with the Levuro features of image editting.

Customize your images and videos for each social media platform

  • Create great visual content.
  • Image and video cropping: crop, resize, and more function like add text, rotate, overlay...
  • Get social media image/video ratio right.
Image and video cropping: Crop your photos and crop videos optimized for each social media platform

Easy media editing from the composer

  • Image and video cropping: edit your images or videos directly in the composer.
  • Select your video thumbnail to increase your reach.
  • Preview what your media will look like on web and mobile.
Image and video cropping, change video thumbnail for youtube, facebook, twitter and linkedin while planning your posts to social media

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Video editing made easy

  • Add overlay, add scene, crop, cut scene...
  • From the composer: rename, edit, change thumbnail.
Example video, displaying a balloon to show editing options in Levuro.

Create videos from your livestream optimized for your audience

  • Record livestreams.
  • Clip live from your livestreams, add your brand kit and share the video with your followers.
  • Create summaries and highlights, manual or automated by AI.
  • Restream your livestreams to your social media profiles or any custom destination.