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5 Reasons Why Video Content Marketing is so Powerful

Including Video Content Marketing in your Media-Mix will boost your presence.

Standing out as a company in the advertising market is a challenge. The goal of content marketing is sharing valuable and relevant content with a defined target audience. Videos are an essential part of a well-thought-out marketing mix. They can spark emotions in people and help you to stand out.

Learn five reasons why video content marketing is so valuable.

1. Videos grab attention

Videos are a wonderful tool to capture the attention of the target audience. The video thumbnail should already catch everyone’s attention. Then, once a user clicked on the video, the first five seconds should contain your brand identity and engaging content. Surprise your audience or promise them a good story. They will reward you with their steady attention.

2. The audience engages in-depth with the message

On Facebook, users watch video content five times longer compared to static content. Engaging video content makes users spend more time visiting a homepage as well. This extended length of stay also indicates to search engines that your page contains valuable content.

Video Marketing Message
The audience engages with the message of your video.


The message of your content is conveyed more emotionally in the form of a video. Moreover, a video is not perceived by customers as classic advertising. Because high-quality videos are consumed with pleasure, whether this is thanks to concise information or for entertainment purposes.

3. Video content marketing builds trust

Videos provide insights into companies and can convey approachability and the brand’s identity. In addition, you can use a video to show your expertise. Depending on the industry, you can bring trends, styles, tips, or other innovations closer to your target group.

Do you have customers who are enthusiastic about your product? Perfect. Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust in your brand. Tell real stories. What problems were you able to solve with your products? You will inspire your customers.

4. YouTube is the second-largest search engine

YouTube is popular. Therefore, it is recommended to include this platform in your content marketing strategy. 41% of the German-speaking population aged 14 and over watches videos on YouTube, 30% of them watch videos on social media. YouTube is also the second-largest search engine after Google.

Meet the following requirements to achieve success with your videos on YouTube.

  • Give your channel an appealing layout and feed it regularly with video content.
  • Use relevant keywords in the headlines, description, and tags of your videos.
  • Create a meaningful thumbnail.
  • Include your logo in a prominent place.
  • Add closed captions to the video.

Closed captions are valuable when users watch the video without sound and make it easier to find the video in YouTube search. Video content topics that attract the audience on YouTube, include “behind the scenes” or “meet the team” and product tutorials.

This way, you will be able to win this popular platform over and reach many users.

5. Video content marketing increases your ROI

Most likely, you have heard the term “ROI” before. It stands for “return on investment”. You should be able to calculate the value of your video marketing activities. According to a study from England, 86% of video marketing professionals confirm that videos increased traffic to their website. Video content marketing pays off in most cases. To measure the ROI of a specific video, you need to set your goal first. Above all, do you want your video to catch the attention of as many users as possible, or do you rather want to achieve engagement? Or maybe you want to generate leads directly and focus on conversion.

Goal-Setting for Video Marketing
Define your goals in order to measure your ROI.

Whatever goal you pursue, there are several KPIs you may monitor. Their importance varies, depending on your goal. View count, social sharing, feedback, and conversion rate are all common KPIs. You can also accompany the user journey with a video campaign. Start by spreading the word and raising awareness. Then focus on the reactions and engagement of your audience, before targeting leads. You can calculate your ROI by tracking the right KPIs.

What are you waiting for? Get those exciting videos out there and boost your content marketing.