About us

An international start-up & a diverse group of talents

This is Levuro

Our mission at Levuro is to help people working with social media thrive by offering a tool that saves time and makes their work effortless and fun.

We are committed to listen to our users. Providing them with the best possible experience truly matters to us. We value each feedback and update our tool accordingly. To meet the goals of our customers, we work closely with our sister companies: Zattoo and Genistat.

Our multi-competence team is a blend of software engineers, designers, as well as marketing and social community managers, consultants, and data scientists.

Our values

Our customers are at the heart of what we do The success of our clients means everything to us. Only together we will grow.


Transparency is key We practice an open communication within the team and with our users.


Diversity is in our DNA Different backgrounds and cultures are what makes us complete.


Passion drives us We dream big and are driven to achieve our full potential.


We love challenges We work with the latest technologies, to make your work easier.

A brief history

Publishing on several social media platforms, while staying organized, is a challenge every social media manager knows. This is how Levuro was born in 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland. The idea that posting on social media could be optimized for each audience and platform inspired us.

More than a simple tool to publish on social media, we expanded our vision to allow our customer to access their entire media library through Levuro and customize it from anywhere.

Live streaming becoming a must, we developed a solution to easily record any live-stream event and create clips of the best moments to be published on social media. Highlights can be automatically recognized with our artificial intelligence. The “Go Live” feature lets our users re-stream to any platform within seconds.

With an agile team of talents, we provide companies of all sizes with a powerful and affordable solution.


They trust us