Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others.

Xherdan Shaqiri is a Swiss professional footballer with 51 caps and 17 goals for the national team, playing also for Premier League club ‘Stoke City’ as a winger, having an impressive career, 250+ matches with 50+ goals scored for FC Basel, Bayern Munich, Inter, Stoke City and Liverpool.

The Challenge

The main challenge at the beginning of the collaboration between Shaqiri and Levuro was to build and monetize the digital audience. As an international football star, Shaqiri had a very large fan-base, but with poor social media representation and zero engagement.

The client wanted to produce engaging content and convert the large social media reach into a fan community that can be monetized.

Our Approach

Levuro’s engagement marketing solution easily fulfilled Shaqiri’s requirements, combining social media engagement, branded content marketing campaigns and  sponsoring packages. The solution focused on mobile users and the backend was extended for allowing on-the-fly video production, live-streaming and content posting. Fans can now connect with one another and have conversations with their idol, even when there is no live event.

Thanks to Levuro’s powerful engagement marketing tool, the fan experience transformed into a completely interactive encounter. Levuro’s Analytics module is driving exclusive high-quality production, product offerings, competitions and sponsor marketing activities, the data being is used for marketing, advertising (Branded Content) and CRM.

Last, but not least Levuro introduced Transmedia Storytelling using its transmedia storytelling framework in many branded content campaigns from conception to production.

Engagement Marketing Tool

The engagment solution included engagement tools, like:

  • Commenting
  • Voting
  • Online Contests
  • Sharing (Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Mail)

Levuro supported Shaqiri with professional services in content production and social content experts, including negotiating deals with content owners like SRF, Sky and selling advertisement in the app with personalized ad inventory based on viewer data.

The Analytics module plays an important role in increasing the knowledge about the target group and provides a huge opportunity for branded content and marketing activities: newsletter, push notification, advanced analytics for campaign monitoring and targeting, lead generation.

Mobile App Developement

Levuro focused on using content, like:

  • Videos
  • News

and engagement tools to convert social media reach into a fan community that can be monetized.

For example, fans can engage in live chats with Xherdan Shaqiri on the app:

  • The live chat module enables Shaqiri to communicate directly with his fans. The community can be informed upfront by sending a WhatsApp message to all registered users.
  • Live-streaming brings Shaqiri much closer to his fans compared to social networks. Shaqiri receives direct feedback through user comments.
  • Chats are moderated, users can be managed, warned and deleted. Community management is provided by Levuro.


Xherdan Shaqiri took fan engagement to the next level, not only by reaching:

  • 3 million Facebook fans
  • 900k Instagram followers
  • 600k Twitter followers

over social media, but building an engaged community around his brand. He is the most covered footballer in Swiss news and works with big brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Volkswagen and Hublot.