The Levuro Transmedia Storytelling framework was born from our team’s several years of experience in the broadcast, sports and data analysis industries. Today we provide the services and consulting to support your marketing needs.

transmedia storytelling

Transmedia Storytelling

Levuro has built its experience working with many editorial teams and clients from several industries. Levuro supports clients’ needs wit a proven network of experts and own resources. Our campaign experience lead us to build unique solution called Levuro Transmedia Storytelling framework. Using this concept we target the highest impact on the different distribution channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,  linear TV and the online frontends (websites, apps, Smart TV apps). Levuro ensures the delivery of the service is hand-in-hand with technology from the first point in the concept to the implementation.

Levuro’s services include:

  • consulting and project management
  • transmedia storytelling concept and delivery
  • video production
  • social community management

We ensure best in class service through experience and our international partner network. The client always receives high performing teams.