Europe's most innovative Social TV channel

joiz launched its innovation project in 2013, with the aim to implement a social TV channel and engaging millennials, while social influencers would get their moment of fame on TV.

The Challenge

joiz needed a solution that would allow for new editorial processes to start on social media and end the story in TV prime-time. More “social media hot topic related TV” instead of “long-term scheduled TV” should be produced. The technical solution and monetization followed this strategy.


Levuro evolved out of the dynamic innovation environment of the joiz editorial teams. Levuro B2B practice (former joiz Global) ensured the implementation of the technical requirements of the different editorial teams and service requirements of the brands. With more and more requests from the market,  proven functionalities are made available to the B2B market.

Engagement Marketing Tool

Branded Content Campaigns on all channels and classical TV Ads were the most relevant business models in the joiz group. Together with the brands, we developed the solution to ensure engagement and analytics meet their needs and it’s implemented in editor’s daily workflows.

Online Contest: We use editorial and business related online contests. Different online contests can be set up to meet the campaign goals like:

  • converting TV to digital
  • activating fans
  • increase Social Media reach
  • increase conversion

Analytics: Levuro’s backend is setup fully campaign based. Brands can access total reach and engagement metrics on all channels.

Website Implementation, Mobile Apps, Smart TV Apps

Levuro’s engagement solution ensures that editorial team can implement their live and VOD strategies across channels. We worked and implemented requirements from social web TV-like setup to Netflix or classical TV-like setups.

After all these years it takes us just some clicks to meet the requirements with great flexibility for editors and marketing managers.

Automated Workflows

The broadcast setup of joiz was Europe’s most innovative one. It ensured automated publishing process, second screen use-cases and digital interaction into linear TV signal.


Out of the 5 years innovation phase, Levuro’s Engagement Marketing Tool was born, as well as the Transmedia Storytelling expertise available today.