Health TV

My life. My health. My channel

Asklepios, the German clinical group, is launching its new TV channel – Health TV, under the slogan “My Life. My health. My channel.”

The program, structured in Morning, Daytime as well as Primetime, is intended to provide touching reports, interesting newsletters and fitness units for everyone. The Asklepios subsidiary produces almost all the articles and programs itself. The transmission is to be received free via cable and satellite. There is also an Internet live-stream, a media library for time-independent retrieval of content, as well as offers in social media.

The Challenge

The new health channel has been licensed by the German Commission for Authorization and Supervision (ZAK) as a branch TV broadcaster starting with 17th of November 2016. Within 6 months from receiving the authorization, Health TV aims to fulfill their promise of offering health-related content, live-stream, newsletters and engage with their audience.

Our Approach

Levuro’s OTT Solution is the answer Health TV was looking for – an optimal live and on-demand video experience, enabling the transmission of the same content as in linear TV, to be broadcasted online and reaching all audiences, wherever they are.

Website Implementation

Levuro’s white-label turnkey solution ensures all-in-one multi-device experience, offering a simple, clean and consistent design for all frontends. The platform’s flexibility allows Health TV to easily categorize the content. Additionally, Health TV makes the most of the built-in content recommendation module.

Levuro’s machine learning algorithms find the patterns between articles and user journeys to optimize suggested content. As a result, the audience stays engaged longer.

Marketing Tools

Levuro’s Analytics module enables Health TV to gain insights to meet their viewers’ needs and bridge the gap between providing a service and solving real challenges. The solution includes:

  • Total Reach Measurements
  • Churn Management
  • Audience Flow
  • Business Reports

Automated Workflows

Levuro’s automated publishing process helps Health TV in optimizing the delivery of content to all devices.