Engagement Marketing Tools

Levuro’s solution offers built-in Engagement Marketing Tools which help to improve the user engagement and running marketing campaigns. Additionally they enrich the user-base knowledge facilitating user segmentation, content recommendations and direct marketing, such as push notifications or segmented newsletters.



Levuro has a dedicated team of Data Scientists specialized in:

  • total reach measurements
  • churn management
  • audience flow
  • business reports

The solution includes standard analytics allowing businesses to see metrics related to users, traffic and views. Based on the client business case we suggest analytics extension, which covers custom KPIs defined by the client.


Online Contest

With the Online Contest tool, the editors can easily setup customized landing pages with optimized participation forms to match transmedia campaign goals.

The Online Contest is a valuable sales proposition to brands and an integrated part of digital sponsoring packages, ensuring activation and valuable leads within transmedia campaigns.

Engagement Online Contest


Engagement Online Contest
login and profile

Login and Profile

We make sure the login process is as easy and extensive as possible. Users can log in using social media, email or their phone number. The user has extensive options to provide additional profile information as well as privacy level.

The solution bounded with Engagement Tools helps to increase registration rate which can be used for direct marketing.

For replacement of the existing platforms we support user migration process.

login and profile

Live Chat

The Chat Tool enables users to chat and share opinions and messages in real time, making it suitable for online live events. This is a cross-platform feature which works seamlessly regardless of the device or the interface the user chooses. With the Chat users can:

  • join the conversation – users are able to see all comments made by any chat member, even if they are not signed in, in real-time
  • share their activities and messages to be part of the conversation and “Buzz”
  • interact with the TV hosts and guests

Engagement Chat Tool


Engagement Chat Tool
Engagement Messaging


The Messaging Tool allows peer-to-peer messaging between users. It helps to build a community around the client product and increases user engagement.  Users will get an email alert about the messages which keep him/her active and engaged.

Engagement Messaging


The Polls (or Voting) Tool allows the content owner to get to know user’s opinions and interests. This is a flexible tool that helps to build the storytelling campaigns. Polls offer a variety of options and customization including:

  • type of the vote (single/multiple choice)
  • limits (one vote per day/only for signed-in users)
  • representation (image/text/video)

Engagement Polls

Engagement Polls