Levuro’s offers the tool set you need to improve engagement and running efficient social media marketing campaigns

Collaborative Content Creation

  • Approval process and roles
    Add as many team members as you want, each with their own user permission and role in the content creation process.
  • Task management and planning
    Give tasks to your team and content contributors. It enables you to communicate through direct messages with your team, content contributors and partners

Scheduling and Templates

  • One feed
    Plan, schedule and publish your posts in one feed from your mobile.
  • Your own templates
    Generate your templates for recurring stories and campaign in your team.
  • Storylines templates
    Easy to use storylines templates safe time and increases efficiency in social media managers workflow. Levuro offers access to proven story templates and campaign workflows to match your goals. Engagement templates vary from conversion to subscription, engagement with online contest to how to include social influencers, players and stars.
  • Optimized publishing across channels
    Publish content optimised for each social media channel and within the storyline of the campaign.

User-friendly Video Editor

Increase engagement and safe time using our video editor:

  • Access all videos and photos on the field in one place
    Access to live streams and video assets from your mobile device. Organize all videos and pictures in one place. We offer integration to google drive, dropbox, ooyala, zattoo and other OTT providers upon request.
  • Cropping videos and pictures
    Optimize the aspect ratio (e.g. 1:1, 16:9) of your videos and pictures for each social media channel and audience. Manual cropping can be done with two fingertips.
  • Thumbnail Selection
    Select the thumbnail out of your video or us a customized thumbnail to publish to the different social media channels
  • Social video clipping
    Easy clip & share the best emotional moments to be the first to publish across all channels in a minute. Not only ad opener and closer to the video but also safe video actions as templates for easily use them again.
  • Sport and TV data integration
    Levuro integrates with sports data providers and newsroom systems to assist efficient storytelling. Levuro uses machine learning to allow tagging of engaging moments and social video clipping.

Total Reach and Analytics

  • Total reach
    To optimise during the campaign and measure the value of the campaign we offer standardized total reach measurement across channels.The solution includes standard analytics allowing businesses to see metrics related to users, traffic and viewers.
  • Extended analytics
    Based on clients business analytics extensions can be customized with data scientists.

Influencer Workflow

  • Content contributors
    At their fingertips, volunteers, ambassador athletes, photographers, VJ’s or agencies upload behind-the-scene videos published as compelling stories across owned/shared social media channels and OTT.
  • Publish Drafts to partners and influencer: Levuro Engage is able to add partners and influencers to your project or story.  You can distribute videos, pictures and post drafts to their channels. The influencer can be included in the storyline and the impact of his post is measured.
    For the influencer and partner it is safe and efficient.

Engagement Messaging